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A 4th World by Xavier Rudd
Here we are under these particular stars 

Here we stand Victorian 

Where the white folk can grow to no so 

Very little about the black folk 

The same folk who rightfully own 

This piece of beauty that we call our home 

Well negativity is often heard from society 

With conviction they preach 

Not even knowing of whom they speak 

I guess its each to there own 

Those that want to will know 

I guess its each to there own 

Because from the top the views are old and grey 

Well I feel so ashamed 

Of this system and these ways 

The tiny hearts that lead our nation 

And tiny minds that let them in 

And I see your confusion 

I see your pain 

I see your pain and your confusion 

And theres still some with my skin 

Who still try and hide the reason
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