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Girl Can Rock (Remix 2005) by Hilary Duff

Ready for the big time, ready for the small 
Whatever's comin' to me, I'll be ready for it all 
Sometimes it ain't easy, sometimes its not polite 
Some days I don't get it, some days I get it right 

It's in my heart, it's in my head 
Thats what I said 

Hey Boys are you ready for the shock 
I'm living proof, the girls can rock 
Spread the new around every single block 
Hey boys, the girl can rock 

Standin' in the spotlight workin' up a sweat 
Givin' all I got and lovin' what I get 
I can't hold back what I feel inside 
and if I make you nervous, you better step aside 

The girl can rock 
Don't say maybe or call me 'baby' 
I ain't crazy at all 

I'm gonna live it up 
I'll never give it up 
I'm gonna spread the news around the block 
It ain't no shock...the girl can rock 

Yeah, Rock!
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