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Cloud by Fischerspooner
It's my vision
A total one
Encompassing the only one
A world complete
It's all my own,
Exactly as as it should be, oh

I Lost myseLf (I lost myseLf)
I Lost myseLf (I Lost myseLf)
You can't see how
because I am just a cloud
A cloud...

Everything adds up to a truth
Maybe now, I can know me too
I have you now,
Where you shouLd be
You are mine now,
But I Lost me, I'm a cloud


Resplendent dream
It overtook me
I had no choice but buiLd it
I made it aLL
I buiLt it up
I buiLt it up (I Lost myseLf)
I buiLt it up

I Lost myseLf
I Lost myseLf
I Lost myseLf
Because because
I am just a
I Lost myseLf
You can't see how
because I am just a cLoud
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