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Build You Up by 50 Cent
Yea uh huh 

I like the way that feel ) 


I build you up ,but

If eva I fall down 

and I need you to pick me up 

Promise me you be around 

hold me down 

I build you up 

[Verse 1] 

Listen if you let me, I'll be the reason you shine 

It's a secret, I want the world to know dat you mine 

But on sum real shit, communications could be betta 

So I'm writin this song instead of a love Letter. 

They gon play it on da radio a hundred times a day 

I figure, when you hear it, you gon stop and think of me 

I wanna get to know you, and be the reason you Smile 

Girl you know where I'm from, you know how I get Down 

When times are tough, tell me dat I'm special 

Not rap, I mean me, dat I'm special 

You know they say diamonds are a girls best friend 

Precious stones, could you put me before them 

If so, I'll see to it dat they'll always around 

Nothin but da best, now how does dat sound 

If I drop a jewel when we talk, you can keep it 

Girl you on my mind all da time, dat's a secret shhhh 


Baby I build you up 

Girl IF I, HAVE A show, I'D have you by my side 

Girl I bulid you up 

Girl I need to know fa sho, you mine 


[Verse 2] 

I think about you thinkin dat you feel da same way 

Was it just my imagination, again runnin away 

If you ready to ride, girl come on, lets roll 

G5, how I fly,ma let's go 

It was hard to measure da pleasure of havin you in my presence

Ya smile makes me smile, I show you my style 

We can shop a lil bit, I'll pick out sum shit 

One pair at a time, till ya shoe game sick 

Now who knows, what the future holds 

We be together prolly, for betta orworse 

Like Whitney and Bobby 

If you wanna play house, we can play house then 

But wait.. why pretend when you can move in 

Before I'll b ya buddy in bed, lemme b yo best friend 

Girl it's more then lust, I want ya trust 

You keep it real wit me, I keep it real witchu 

Cuz I know witchu by my side, there's nothin I can't do 


Baby I build you up 

Girl IF I, HAVE A show, I'D have you by my side 

Girl I bulid you up 

Girl I need to know fa sho, you mine 

When you up when you down 

If you smile, if you frown 

I'll b witchu baby 

La La La.................. 

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