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About You by ZOEgirl
I've been thinking lately 
About you 
When it hit me from nowhere 
Out of the gray 
Everything's been coming together 
Now that I'm moved 
Beyond myself 
And wrapped my head around 
Something else 

It's not about me 
It's gotta be about you (everyday) 
And all I wanna see is 
Who you're turning me into 
I will not forget 
That you said 
You'd always lead me through 
To who I wanna be 
Making every part of me 
About you 

I've been spending so much time 
I was searching for affection 
Inside myself 
But I finally turned away 
From my reflection 
Saw your world outside my door 
And everything that I've been looking for 


So I lay down my pride 
'Cause you laid down your life 
And I'm giving love that's holding me by 
And thinking to you 
And you lead me through 
And you always do 

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ZOEgirl "You Get Me"

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