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Jumping Off The Wagon by Darryl Worley
I got drunk in Raleigh and I played too long
Word got back to Nashville 'fore I got back home
The record label said boy you better straighten up your act

The lawyers told me son that's what the contract says
So I got good and sober and I stayed that way
Still you couldn't find a Worley record on the rack
I did everything they asked me to do
And still they went and cut me loose

I ain't ballin', I'm through crawlin', I got lot's of other people callin'
No more naggin', I ain't braggin' but my boot heels they ain't draggin'
I ain't fallin' and I'm jumpin' off the wagon

I'm already feeling more like my old self
That double-shot of Dickel was a lot of help
From here on out I am just doing my own thing

There's something to be said about just feelin' good
I'm going with my gut so baby knock on wood
If this don't work I've only got myself to blame
I ain't into looking back, I ain't never got nowhere like that



I ain't driving, hell I'm divin' off the wagon
/ ]
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