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Out On Bail by 2Pac
Oh, I posted bail?

I'm out this motherfucker?

I can go?

Oh, fuck y'all eh, fuck the judge

fuck the motherfuckin' district attourney and the prosecutor (fuck you!)

and fuck you motherfuckers in the jury box (fuck you!)

fuck all y'all

cause I'm out on motherfuckin' bail

y'all ain't never gonna see me in this motherfucker again

drop that shit em!

let these old punk ass bitches know how we runnin' this shit

niggaz ain't going back to court you stank ass bitches

Im stuck in jail the DA's tryin' to burn me

I'd be out on bail if I had a good attorney

Wanna label me a criminal and cuff me up

Got a pocket full of money so they rough me up

I ain't trippin' in the county and I'm mad as fuck

Got a record so they put me with the baddest bunch

Everybody wanna talk cause I'm rappin'

They askin' me what happened

Is it true you did a flick with Janet Jackson

I can't sleep they takin' polaroids

And I'm tryna to use the phone but they makin' noise

Man I wish I had my glock cause its major

I'm makin' shanks out the plastics in razors

These motherfuckers won't leave me alone thats my word

Bout to turn a violation to a motherfuckin' murder

I'm makin' collect calls to my old bitches

Send mo pictures and make me some more riches

To all the suckers on the block talkin' shit while I was locked up

Be prepared to get socked up

Cause the game is deep and the fame is brief

And you bullshittin' bitches ain't changin' me

I came straight up out the gutta I was saved from hell

And I'm a thug I was raised in jail

Now I'm out on bail

Out on Bail (You know what fuckin' time it is)

ThugLife will never fail (I'm out on bail)

Thuglife niggaz (I'm going straight to 50,000 biatch!!!)

Thuglife niggaz (I'm out on bail)

Out on Bail (Hey, hand me some motherfuckin' Colt 40's from the fridge nigga)

ThugLife will never fail (Cause I'm out on bail)

Thuglife niggaz (Hey, pass me my motherfuckin' Rolex)

Thuglife niggaz (Yes bitch that's a Presidential)

Stuck in jail, I'm mad as a bitch

I'd be out on bail if it wasn't for the snitch

Runnin' wild thru the streets like i'm loco

And fuck the punk police and they chokeholds

I got no love in my heart cause i'm heartless

Mobbin' in the park after dark wanna start shit

Rippin' up the scene as a teen i was at it (hey)

And sellin' products to the addicts cause they gotta have it

I was a well-known thug and i gotta lotta love

Hangin out with the OG's shootin' up the clubs

And mama told me don't hang with the homies

But they got me if they need me then it's on G

Got me sittin' in the cell a five by seven

Will I finally get to go to ghetto heaven

Got my bitches on the outside writin' me letters

And they tell me they love me and the shit ull get better

I don't believe her cause i just got the news on the wire

Take it how you want it but your bitch is on fire

I gotta be a player so I stay strong

cause I know that I won't be away long

and when I finally do hit the fuckin' streets I'ma handle this

A thug nigga gettin' scandalous

I'm on bail

Out on Bail

ThugLife (see) will never fail (Out on bail - biatch!)

Thuglife niggaz (You know what time it is)

Thuglife niggaz (I'm out on bail)

Out on Bail (Y'all don't need to know about...)

ThugLife will never fail (You know, Out on bail)

Thuglife niggaz (Y'all Blow that shit - Get me up out this)

Thuglife niggaz (Yo, EM!!! Get me up out of this motherfucker man!)

Out on Bail (These motherfuckers are harrasing me and that ain't cool) 

^ something not quite right here either

(chorus continues)


I'm out on bail

I'll see ya motherfuckers at the next show, and by the way, where is my bitch?

It's that famous shit, you know?

Real thug shit

Real live thug shit, genuine, you know what I'm sayin'

I wouldn't waste your motherfuckin' time with no bullshit baby

Trust me, It's that real shit

I'm talkin' about that shit you never tell your grandkids about, you know?

I ran with a thug nigga, believe that

This my motherfuckin' nigga Em on dem motherfuckin' boards in case your wonderin'

We doin' this shit hell motherfuckin' yeah

An ounze of that shit sittin' in your motherfuckin' lac
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