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Push Your Tush by Jessica Simpson
Come and get it!
Dya hear that cow bell!
Cock-a cock-a cock-a-doodle-doo
Come and get some grub

Baby it's a hoedown
We can get low down
Round here
Take it to the floor now
We can get a throw down
Round here
Cowgirls just cowboys make noise
Round here
This is honkey tonk baby
Go on get crazy
Round here

It's what us farm girls like to do
Sippin' on cold lemonade
Eatin' up all our favorite food
Ya'll grab a partner
And just say howdy do
Let me show you somethin' new

All these farm boys ya wanta se somethin slick
Girls turn your hips like a joy stick
Gotta do the round house but don't move it too quick
Ya wanta impress a hick
Then make it go tick tick tick tick tick

Hands on your hips?
Roll on your backside?
Tick tick tick tick tick tick
Then push your tush
Come on push your tush now
Giratin movin? it clockwise
Tick tick tick tick tick tick
Then push your tush
Come on push your tush now

Hootenaney ya'll!
Take it to the barnyard

We've all gone wild!
Us country folk!
Hey you over there get your ass out the chair
And tick tick tick with me
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