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Disappear by Bebo Norman
On a day like this I want to crawl beneath a rock 
A million miles from the world, the noise, the commotion 
That never seems to stop 

And on a day like this I want to run away from the routine 
Run away from the daily grind that can suck the life 
Right out of me 
I know of only one place I can run to 

I want to hide in You 
The Way, the Life, the Truth 
So I can disappear 
And love is all there is to see 
Coming out of me 
And You become clear 
As I disappear 

I dont want to care about earthly things 
Be caught up in all the lies that trick my eyes 
They say its all about me 
Im so tired of it being about me 

I would rather be cast away 
Separated from the human race 
If I dont bring You glory 
If I dont bring You glory 
If I dont bring You glory
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