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Soldier by Bebo Norman
Remember the time when i thought of letting go 
and taking back my hand 
when all i could think was how long can i follow you 
and where do i stand in this world 
i lost my faith, my reason to believe 
when i refused to see 
oh Lord, you carried me 
and just like a soldier 
you battle for my soul 
but more like a father 
you come and take me home 
what is the worth of a man living for himself 
with a heart of his own 
and every day goes in and out, still without a sign of life 
but father wont you please give me more 
when everything is closing in on me 
i know you set me free the day you died for me 
and how is this man who calls me by name 
and covers himself with all of my shame 
but not even death could make you surrender 
i remember
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