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Try by Bebo Norman
Outside my room looking in 
You'll probably find me all over the place 
In pictures of me back in school 
A slight crooked kid like the smile on my face 
And my first guitar by the bed 
With circles of dust clinging to wood 
It drew the first song from my head 
Singin' if I was gone, I'd be gone for good 
I'm afraid to grow up 
But somewhere inside is the will of a man 
And all I've ever wanted 
Was something to give and love if I can 

You make me want to try 
You make me want to fight 
You make me want to live 
You make me want to give 
And inside my room looking out 
The colors of night all faded and bruised 
But out from the shadows of doubt 
You held up your heart and stepped into view 
And under the streetlight we kissed 
Never more tried and never more true 
It drew a new song from my lips 
Singing if I can fall, I'm falling for you 
I'm afraid to grow up 
'Cause somewhere inside I don't think I can 
And all I've ever wanted 
Is someone to love, and to live like a man
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