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Better People by Xavier Rudd
you people saving whales,
giving your thanks to our seas
my respect to the ones in the forest,
Standing up for our old trees

Them giving food to the hungry
giving hope to the needy
giving life to a baby
giving care for free
there is freedom around us
We have everything we need
I will care for you
because you care for me
we all have opinions
Some of them get through
But there’s better people
With more good to do.

what I have could be a message
or just some words from my heart
My respect to the ones making changes
For other lives they’ll give their own


well our world it keeps spinning
round and round it goes
Human nature keeps spreading it's disease
And our children keep growing up with
what they know from what we teach
and what they see
And it’s only a question of the time we have
And the lives that our children will lead
they can only keep growing up with
what they know from what we teach
and what they see

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Xavier Rudd - Better People

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