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Don't Talk, Just Sing (2007 Digital Remaster) by Nancy Wilson
If you’re noticing my lack of conversation,
If you wondered why I haven’t said hello 
Its not due to any lack of concentration. 
And I know what phrases will be apropos.  
But the management when they booked me
They looked me up & down and up & down and said.
There a little clause in your contract
Which we trust that you and all your agents read.
It’s a simple little clause with out an if or and or but
Which states, that the party of the first part 
If and when she is not actually engage in the art of singing
Is to strictly keep her big mouth shut.
I am disturbed quite naturally so, I feel…..
I still think it would be very nice if I were aloud to.....
They said there will be no complaining, your act will be entertaining 
And all the applause will make the rafters ring
Your No Bob Hope dear, don’t be a dope dear 
Don’t talk, just sing 
We have interviewed all the locals; they want you to stick to vocals 
There only one singing talker and that’s Bing 
He’s still the loner, since you're no groaner
Don’t talk, just sing
Now actors want to dance and dancers want to sing and singers want to Yak Yak Yak.
Just be cordial and be gracious be anything but loquacious 
And perhaps we’ll book you back
With a humor you mustn’t wrestle 
Leave all the jokes to Jessal 
You know why he talks if you had heard him sing 
You’ll earn your loot dear, remaining mute dear 
Now don’t talk, just swing
But I’ve got things to say, I love the Albee play
And Bernstein thrills me at the Met 
And there are rumors I must smother 
Earl Wilson is not my brother
Though we’ve had a tete a tete a tete a tete....
Yes, what is the problem, I apologize, May we continue? you will play?
Talk they insist is folly, I am safer with Hello Dolly
If they wanted elocution they would bring
Shelly Berman, or how about that or Alan Bergman?
or Milton Berle or Alan King
Don’t talk, just sing
Yak, Yak Yak  
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