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Gettin' Ready by UFO
* You said that was that but this is it
How were you to make the pieces fit
Into a plan to start a new life
Friends pat your back, then stab you with a knife

** I must be blind I'm gettin' ready to be defined
No [loose connections] cause it feels alright
I'm gettin ready to hit the [line]

Can you fee me Inside and out, I'm just waiting for you
[Cuz] it's alright Now I know just what I want to do

** Repeat

When a day breaks, turns you around
And your world upside down
And the visions fade
Rights and wrongs and just where you've gone

** Repeat

Making out is such an awful drag
And I could lose my mind And every time that I turned around
I never knew if I could really find you


** Repeat
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