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Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet by Jars of Clay
"We originally heard this song on a Gavin Bryars recording.
It was a 72 minute loop of a homeless man singing this simple chorus over and over.
The contrast of one so lowly expressing such certaina nd simple faith was and continues to be nothing short of astounding.
The power of Gavin's recording is a testimony to one of this world's most profound and sacred
mysteries... though they suffer... they have joy.
Through our recent work with the Blood...Water Mission we have been
privileged to witness afresh this holy mystery.
We dedicate this song and its proceeds to our brothers and sisters in
Africa who, though they suffer, overwhelm us with their life and their joy."
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Video Jars of Clay BH 19+20+21 - Worlds apart + Jesus' blood never failed me + I'll Fly Away

Jars of Clay BH 19+20+21 - Worlds apart + Jesus

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