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Summer Lies by Magnetic Fields
We used to dance like it was going out of style
when you loved me for a while 
and I remember every word you ever said; every kiss 
We used to sing all the oldest songs we knew 
but the words were never true for you
or was it all a game of solitaire played in the dark? 
(C): All the sweetest things you said and I believed were summer lies 
Hanging in the willow trees like the dead were summer lies 
I'll never fall in love again. 
I whispered too but the things I said were true
and I gave up my whole world for you 
I gave you all the best years of my life 
and half the worst and now you're gone
I pine and wane, pale and wan, never knowing
when it's dawn, curtains drawn, hiding in my room, 
wasting away, cutting myself. (C)
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