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Living In An Abandoned Firehouse With You by Magnetic Fields
You're in your own little world: an expensive birdcage; 
Like a plastic baby in a Faberge egg  
I saw you today at the Cafe Blase 
And thought of the nights when we had fire fights  
Nameless seaside ghost town...
That's where I go when I see the moon
Living in an abandoned firehouse with you  
You're in your own little head in a field of sunflowers 
And there's blood in your mouth and there's rats all over town
(C): Take me out to the beach and I'll tell you my secret name  
Take me under the sea and we'll derail the trains  
Let's run away into the caves I still love you I still love you baby
You're in your own little box with ribbons in your hair 
And there's dust in your mouth and worms in the air  
Hideous city of unknown words... 
That's where I live when I go to sleep 
In an abandoned firehouse with you. (C)
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