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When The Open Road Is Closing In by Magnetic Fields
Time, measured in dotted yellow lines has passed you by

and I never said an honest thing to you in all my life

Hard times go slowly and the good times never come

The world is a motor inn in the Iowa highway slum

when the open road is closing in 

and you can't say where it ends and you begin

when every truckstop dive's you another five years off your life

when the open road is closing in 

and the dotted yellow lines begin to spin

when the sky begins to fall on everything you like at all

you won't be coming home again

Ciao, you keep on drowning in the roads between the towns

now I have been closing all the shutters in the house

well, I know you'll be back when every tree is turning brown

you'll find the house is empty and the swingset's fallen down

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