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The Desparate Things You Made Me Do by Magnetic Fields
Time provides the rope 
But love will tie the slipknot 
and I 
will be the chair you kick away
You don't even like anything
you like or the people you know 
and all of your reasons to
stay alive died 

ChorusI dedicate this song to you for all the 
desperate things you made me do
I'd like to beat you black and
for all the agony you have put me through.

Front seat
stained with love
A back seat full of bibles 
purloined from
the drawers of lost motelsT
hey say when you're older you'll
you know it's a lie 'cause you've got a twisted and
mangled heart


Down route 66 you pilfered love and green stamps
W.C. Fields with Mae West in your eyes
They say every
clock's a blunt instrument 
crushing the skull
But you've got 
a vice to rest your head in.
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