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Run Rudolph Run by Hanson
verse 1:
Come on reindeers
You know your the mastermind
I said run run Rudolph
Santa's gettin far behind

chorus :
I said run run Rudolph
Santa's gotta make it to town
I said if Santa can't make it
Tell him he can take the freeway down
Run Run Rudolph
Racin' like a merry-go-round

verse2 :
Said Santa to a boy,
"Child, what have you been longing for?"
Said "All I want for Christmas
Is a rock & roll electric guitar"
Then away went Rudolph
Racin' like a shooting star

repeat chorus

verse 3:
Said Santa to a girl,
"Child what would please you most to get?"
"A little baby doll
That can cry, sleep, drink and wet"
Then away went Rudolph
Racin' like a searing jet
Run Run Rudolph
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Hanson - Run Rudolph Run

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