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Playin' Hard To Get by Janie Fricke
Well, guess who's knockin' at your door--yeah, it's me.
Would you mind if I came in?
I've got this feelin' that I just can't shake;
There's no use tryin' to pretend.

Well, guess who's nervous, Honey--yeah, it's me,
The one who said she didn't care.
But if you're lookin' in my eyes right now,
I guess you'll see what's really there.

Whoa, playin' hard to get is gettin' hard to play.
I was doin' fine 'til this heart of mine got in the way.
Whoa, playin' hard to get is gettin' hard to play,
But then I really didn't fit the part anyway.

Guess I surprised you, Honey, standing here;
I bet you don't know what to say.
Just hold me close and all the words 'll come,
If we just let love have its way.

Note:  Begin 3rd line with "Yeah" instead of "Whoa."
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