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Trash by Alice Cooper
It ain't the way you crawl across
the Cathouse floor
It ain't the way you curse me
when you slam the bedroom door
It aint the way you sweat me for a
handful of easy cash
It's just the way you love me
when you turn to trash
It's not the way you dress when
you socialize, oh those eyes
It ain't the diamond rock or that
Rolls you drive
You can walk the streets with all
your uptown flash, such flash
But when you hit the sheets you
just turn to trash
You're such trash
I love the way you look
You're such a high class tramp
It'd not the way you touch me
when you...
You're daddy's dream, you're a
peach in cream
And you're finally ripe at last
But when you hit the sheets you
just turn to trash
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