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I Need A Slave by The Vibrators
[Verse 1:]
Well I'm getting hung up,
With all this hangin' around.
I'm gettin' tied up,
When I wanna be tyin' it down.
It always goes wrong,
Can't seem to get it right.
Yeah come on girl,
I need a slave tonight.

I need a slave tonight <i>[x3]

[Verse 2:]
Well I'm gettin' freaked out,
With all this hangin' about.
I'm lookin' for some action,
Can't seem to get no connection.
Put some chains on you honey,
I'm gonna pull 'em up real tight.
Yeah c'mon child,
I need a slave tonight.

I need a slave tonight <i>[x3]

[Mid 8:]
Well all your bondage magazines,
They're gettin' me frustrated.
Come on girl,
I wanna see you naked.

[Chorus:]</i> (lines x4)
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