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Ball And Chain by Dan Seals
Your like fire and ice
oh you love me so good
but you don’t think twice about leaving me here
I get use to you gone 
then you tell me you care
and I got to find a way to get you 
to commit to me 
oh can’t you see


like a ball and chain around my neck
you weigh me down but I’m not ready yet
to give you up and face the pain
I’d rather wear a ball and chain

I’ve never been touched this way 
and I give you my all but I want you to say you need more than my time 
oh you say you’ll be here 
but your still not mine
and I want you give your love oh to only me
oh can’t you see


oh they say that all good things will come to those who wait 
but the more I wait the more I wonder
am I holding a love going nowhere


chorus repeat

rather wear a ball and chain

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