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Promises by Savage Garden
Well don't you know I need a little indulgence?
Listen to the hunter becoming hunted
Every day there's a million advances 
Don't be too forceful you'll ruin your chances
Well don't you know time is a broken glass
That splinter against the wall?
But the picture is coming back now baby,
And I want to take it all

Don't go making all these promises you know you cannot keep
There's a time to play a king and a time to be the thief
'Cause if you're making all these promises you know you cannot keep
You know time will be the thief and your fallen king will end up alone

So let your body move a little bit closer
Silent like the sound proceeding a cyclone
Don't you know that powerful thinking
Can be a force you dont wan't to relinquish?
Well don't you know that,
They say that hanging on will justify the wait?
But patience and elated wisdom don't share a common phrase


Well I'm only hanging on for what goes down
I'm floating high and my feet don't touch the ground
I'd take advantage but I can't see through this charade

So don't you, don't go make it harder than hell
'Cause when it comes down to the making
You better be damned sure you can take it
Hey baby


Time will be the thief and you fallen king will end up...
A fool, a fool, a lonely sorry fool
Oh baby, 'cause I told you baby

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