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Something 2 Dance 2 by N.W.A
yo give me something to dance to
(calling the police, calling the humans, calling all americans to war on the under world)
arabain prince!
back when the style is hype
not slow and low
its the fast type
gettin dum
can u hear the drums
(yo dre y dont u pump it up some)
i pump it up so now whats up
(yo yella boy add a little cut)
what the hell u think we need some bells?
(yeah home boy might as well)
there it is, so now whats next?
(a little sssss so find me a)
hold it wait a minute
u need somethin else in it
this is what i want u to do
feel the groove
bust a move
yo yo im tired what about u?
(man this is something to dance to)
man thats whack
everybody use that
yo y dont u bring back the other track
yea there u go thats what im sayin
i like it when that dope stuff is playin
real loud, in ya earhole
(man lets go i think my feet are swole from dancing so dam much)
maaaan i dont give a
WHAT! u wanna leave?
with all these females pulling on my sleeve
alrite u can jet
homeboy no sweat
this is what i want u to do
feel the groove
bust a move
(let the bass kick)
this is something to (dance to)
(this is something to dance to)
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