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Tell Him by Lauryn Hill
Let me be grateful
Let me be kind
Make me unselfish
without being blind
though i may suffer i'll envith not
and endure what comes
cause he's all that i got
and tell him
tell him i need
tell him i love him and it'll be all right
tell him i need him
tell him i love him
it'll be alright
now i may have faith to make mountains fall
But if i lack love then i have nothing at all
i can give away everything i possess
but am without i love then i have no happiness
i know i'm imperfect and not without sin
but now that i'm older all childish things end.
i'll never be jealous and i won't be too proud
cause love is not boastful
oh and love is not loud
tell him need him
tell him i love him
everything is gonna be alright
Now i may have wisdom and knowledge on earth
but if i speak wrong then what is it worth
see what we now know is nothing compared
to love we were shown when our lives were spared
and tell him
tell him i need him
tell him i love him
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