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I'm A Lucky One by SSgt. Barry Sadler
I’m going home, my tour is done
I’m going home, I’m a lucky one
But I’ve left friends behind me
Who won’t come home no more
Yes many friends remain forever on that bloody shore

But at night when I sleep, I know my dreams will be
About my friends I left across the sea
I’ll hear Vrba, Young, and Horn laugh again out loud
We’ll all be together in a happy crowd

But then I hear the sound of bullets whining overhead
Feel the crash of mortars and all my friends are dead
My friends they fought and gave their all
My friends they died for freedom’s cause

As my dream is ending
They’ll come and say goodbye
Though I’m sound asleep, a tear I’ll cry
And they say something, which feels my heart with pain,
“Tell them about us Sadler, don’t let us die in vain.”

I’m going home, my tour is done
I’m going home, I’m a lucky one
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