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Sweet-Lovin' Man by Magnetic Fields
There's an hour of sunshine,
for a million years of rain
but somehow that always seems to be enough,
When love falls from the sky, nobody ever asks why
You just take it or you leave it where it was 
but there's just one kind of love
you can spend your life dreaming of 
For the love of a sweet-lovin' man
some have traveled far and wide 
some have given up and died
For the love of a sweet-lovin' man 
some have broken down and cried
some have turned to dust inside 
but I'll stay right here and hide
in the arms of my sweet-lovin' man 
Until you've had sweet lovin'
there's no lovin' worth the name 
but you can go blind from crying all the time 
and who said life was easy
and who said a man was fair
Well I wish you well
but keep your paws off mine 
You can't buy one at the mall
but he'll come if you just call...
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