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Forget About It by Alison Krauss
(Robert Lee Castleman)
Forget about it
I'm admittin' I was wrong
And I'll just take what's mine
And walk right out the door
Forget about it
I'll split and I'll be gone
And you'll have memories
You'll find hard to ignore
'Cause after all
I see you sometime
Maybe when I can't recall
How you drove me crazier
Forget about it
When forever's over
I won't remember how much
I loved you anymore
Forget about it
Put me out of your head
Now that you're free and easy
Out there on the town
Forget about it
When you're lying in bed just wishing
I was there to lay you down

'Cause after all
I see you sometime maybe
When you will recall
How I drove you crazier
Forget about those stars in your eyes
Laying by the fireside
Holding you tight
I can't remember when I felt so right
So just forget about it

Forget about it
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