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Toss It Up by 2Pac
The money behind the dreams 
My right hand, my other Capo in this big motherfuckin war we got 
My other Capo in this big ass, conglomerate called Death Row 
Snoop motherfuckin Dogg, Tha Doggfather 
And who he comin through right now, Makaveli the Don 
Feel this, Killuminati 

(Toss it up!) 
Lord have mercy, father help us all 
Since you supllied yo' phone number, I can't help but call 
Time for action, conversatin, we relaxin, kickin back 
Got you curious for Thug Passion, now picture that 
Tongue kissin, hand full of hair, look in my eyes 
Time to make the bed rock, baby look how it rise 
Me and you movin in the nude, do it in the living room 
Sweatin up the sheets, it's the Thug in me 
I mean no disrespectin when I tongue kiss your neck 
I go a long way to get you wet, what you expect 
Late night, hit the highway, drop the top 
I pull over, gettin busy in the parking lot 
And don't you love it how I lick your, hips and glide 
Kiss you soft on your stomach, push my love inside 
Got ya lost in a love zone, stuck in the lust 
I got the bedroom shakin back-breakin when we're tossin it up 

[K-Ci, JoJo] 
In this baby, I like the way it's goin down 
When all that is around, slip slide ride 
Givin me love nice like 
Female I like, what I wanna give all night 
You and me alone everybody's gone toss it up 
Baby let's, get it on! 
I like the way you please me, babe 
The sexy way you tease me, sugar 
The way you move your body 
It really drives me crazy 
Your body hypnotizing, your smell is so exciting 
So baby come on home with me, I like the way you give it to me! 

Chorus: K-Ci, JoJo 

I like the way you give it to me -- let me see you toss it up 
(repeat 4X w/ variations) 
Play on, play on, play on, play on, play onnnn! 
(repeat 4X w/ variations) 

[K-Ci, JoJo] 
Ohhh, it's K-Ci baby, mmm that want you lady 
Ohhh, don't act so shady, baby your taste as fine as gravy 
The way you move that thang, you make me wanna sang 
Girl you make my bells rang, make them go ting-a-ling! 
Now the man, I'm here again 
Don't worry to ever end 
It's feeling too good 
Gimme some more, oh lady lady 
Your body the kind I like-ah 
Big booty to the lung delight-ah 
Bag it up yo, let me in there 
Toss it up for me!! 

Chorus 1/2 

Do you want me what's your phone number, I get around 
Cali Love to my true Thugs, picture me now 
Still down for that Death Row sound, searchin for paydays 
No longer Dre Day, arrivederci 
Blown and forgotten, rotten for plottin Child's Play 
Check your sexuality, as fruity as this Alize 
Quick to jump ship, punk trick, what a dumb move 
Cross Death Row, now who you gon' run to? 
Lookin for suckers cause you similar 
Pretendin to be hard, oh my God, check your temperature 
Screamin Compton, but you can't return, you ain't heard 
Brothers pissed cause you switched and escaped to the burbs 
Mob on to this new era, cause we Untouchable 
Still can't believe that you got 'Pac rushin you 
Up in you, bless the real, all the rest get killed 
Who can you trust, only time reveals -- toss it up! 

Chorus w/ variations 

Play on playa, play on 
How can some non-players do a song about Compton 
and then wanna do a player song? 
How can non-players do it?  (We not little kids, we not playin) 
Tellin lies, who? 
Puffy, I read your little interview buddy, c'mon 
You still ain't touchin us, all that peace talk 
I don't care if you kiss my ass from here to across the street boy 
It's on 
Toss it up, we took you on, and we took y'all beat 
You know we beat you down, and we took y'all beat 
Cause you wasn't rockin it right 
Tired of suckers rockin it, toss it up, is how we did it 
Yeah, toss it up now
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