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The Meeting Place by XTC
Meet you in the secret place 
Scuffling in the dirt I wait 
Whistle will blow, whistle will blow, 
Share a joke the laugh's on me 
But when I get you on your own we'll see 
Someone might hear, someone might hear 
You're a working girl now 
You've got money of your own 
Hmmm The meeting place 
Hmmm The meeting place 
Strolling under grimey skies 
Machines that make you kiss in time 
Smoke on your breath, smoke on your breath 
Chimney never looked so good 
Never looked the way it should 
From lying in the bracken wood 
Coat on the ground, coat on the ground 
Take a walk down the lane 
We'll be late back again 
Hmmm The meeting place 
Hmmm The meeting place
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