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Wonderland by XTC
Can't you see 
Love and affection 
When it's put 
In you direction 
Wrapped in your mysterious wonderland 
No fast car 
Can make you grow up 
You think you've sewn up 
Locked in your wonderful wonderland 
No dark horse like me can cramp all of your style 
Too plain and simple I am for your file 
Chorus: One day you will break out of your spell 
And some day you will want me for your own 
And I'll say welcome to reality 
All this talk 
Of late-night parties 
Flirting with the lower gentry 
Lost in your magical wonderland 
Out of depth 
Out of class 
Phase of your life 
Will come to pass 
Caught in this tragical wonderland 
All of the riches that shine will turn sour 
Each moment you slip you will bring near the hour 
Wrapped in your mysterious wonderland 
Caught in your superficial 
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