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Easter Theatre by XTC
Gold sun rolls around 
Chocolate nipple brown 
Tumble from your arms 
Like the ground your breasts swell 
Land awake from sleep 
Hares will kick and leap 
Flowers climb erect 
Smiling from the moist kiss of her rainbow mouth 


Stage left 
Enter Easter and she's dressed in yellow yolk 
Stage right 
Now the son has died, the father can be born 
Stand up 
If we'd all breathe in and blow away the smoke 
New life 
We'd applaud a new life 

Odin mounts the tree 
Bleeds for you and me 
Splashing on the lamb 
Gamboling with spring's step 
Buds will laugh and burst 
Racing to be first 
Turning all the soil 
As the promptress fingers through her spinning script 


Easter ... in her bonnet 
Easter ... in her hair 
Easter ... are the ribbons 
She tied everywhere
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