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Knights In Shining Karma by XTC
Knights in shining karma 
Tend your flame 
And with love for armor 
They'll remain 

Ever by your bed 
Guarding, still sleeping 
Shield your soul from this rain
Knights in shining karma will remain 

Jealous winter sun... 
Cold as vichysoisse 
Steals your smile for fuel 
They'll ignite with braziers
Of warming stars 

Knights in shining karma 
Wash your feet 
And with spotlesss darma come complete 

Ever by your sink drying 
Up tea tears 
Shield your soul from this heat
Knights in shining karma come complete

Swollen summer moon 
Hot as boiling air 
Poach your dreams to ash 
They'll bring sips from restful slumbers 
Cooling keg

Jealous winter sun...
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