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Everybody C'mon by Ugly Duckling
With lots of Giga watts to go back to before
The items on the floor at your novelty store,
need I say more?

[Repeat Chorus from last verse]
Einstein, break it down like this 
[Scratch: Sound effect]
Einstein, dooin' his do
[Scratch: Young ladies from near or far, weather 
you're high class or rather bourgoise]

[Verse three: Andy C]
Get down, as ugly duckling unlocks the box like 
If you're comin' to the jam ignore the group on stage 
yellin' louder than banshees
Actin' ready for war like some Comanches 
And they call themselves hip-hop men 
Where have you been?
You're messin' up now 'cause you didn't know it then
And what do we call a crew that can rap like that...
They got a wacky wack style and a wacky wack track
there would be more room if those cats played the back
[Dizzy D]Starting from when the line is long 
[Andy C]until the line is gone, [Both]everybody C'mon

[Singing: Na Na Na Na Na]
All the ladies in the place
And everybody C'mon
And all the fellas in th place
And everybody C'mon
And all the ladies in the place
And everybody C'mon
And everybody C'mon
[Scratch: Young lady
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