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He Don't Love You by Case
I've been wondering,
try to figger out,
why you still love him,
he don't love you.

Thinking all the times,
that you took him back,
always thinking off him,
he don't love you.

Baby, he don't want you
I've been thinking off you
when I'm all alone, baby baby
whoow lady, got me going crazy,
the way he talks to you,
the way he treads you,
there ain't nothing he can do to keep you baby


I've been wondering (i've been wondering)
try to figger out
why you still love him, (try to figger out)
he don't love him (and i don't know why)

Thinking all the time (all the time)
that you took him back,
always thinking off him (he don't love you)
he don't love you (yeeheeey)

He treated you so wrong
and now you've got to move on,
and baby,
I'm gonna be there for you. (woohooh)
Things I'm gonna do for you,
he's gonna do and try it too,
but he's gonna do it
to get to you.


Sometimes we all got up, lost
I don't wanna do it,
I don't wanna come between you 2
but I wanna make you my baby.

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