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Born For This - Stephanie Mills by BeBe Winans
Born  for This

Looking back -  in retrospect 
It´s  funny how we ´ve seen,
The laughs and frowns, the ups and downs,
It´s a part of destiny.
Some wish upon a star and hopes one day that whish comes true,
But I wouldn´t change one simple thing the chance of loving You!

Born for this, destined for greatness,
I was prepared for this;
Your Strength for my weakness,
I knew that loving you is easy 
And learned with love that comes a risk
And in my quest to find the answer,
Found I was born for this.

What we don´t  know, time will tell.
This I do believe;
When a child is born the angels sing 
In perfect harmony
That doesn´t  means just happiness, 
There´s  always room for rain.
But if we learn, what Autumn knows, 
That Spring will come again!

Repeat Chorus

There´s a time to live and a time to die
So let´s celebrate each moment of our life.
And if we ever lose our way, because the heart is torn
Never let it question why´s  the reason that we´re born.

Repeat Chorus 
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