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My Love by Bebo Norman
My love, will you take my hand and run 
My love, can't you see that we have just begun 

When she walks into a room, the whole world freezes 
To watch her spin just like the wind above the ground 
She won't break into you heart, she just eases 
Without a sound... 

My love is deeper than the darkness of my soul 
And my love has the habit of forgetting to let go 

And the crowd was pressing inlike perfect strangers 
That was the day I felt her hand slip out of mine 
She looked at me and I don't think she ever wavered 
As she waved goodbye... 
She did not cry... 
But she waved goodbye... 

My love, why did you take my heart and run 
My love, can't you see that we had just begun
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Video Bebo Norman - Amazing Love

Bebo Norman - Amazing Love

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