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Don't Take My Girl Away by Dave Hollister
Even though
We've had some arguments, i know
That doesn't mean that we (that we)
Won't last as long as...

Listen up

I've had enough
What's up between us?
I've told you once
Be careful who you trust
I'm tellin' you
That she is not the one
Whoa oh, whoa oh

Since the other day
You've been actin' strange
She must be tellin' you
That i ain't the one for you now, baby
You don't need jealousy
Now let her know

1 -	even though
We've had some arguments, i know
We said some things we didn't mean, so
That doesn't mean that we
Won't last as long we both know we will

Don't walk away from me, you'll see
That kind of friend you really don't need
Misery loves company
Don't let it take my girl away from me

Was there a time
My business was mine
We fuss and fight
Girl that ain't a crime
She's hatin' you
And smilin' all the time
Ooh ooh yes, mm

She's doin' wrong
Won't let us be alone
Don't listen baby
Her man done come and gone
Don't be part of her
Plan to get rid of me

Repeat 1

(don't be, yeah)
Her fool (her fool)
She's torn (yes, she's torn)
In two (herself, two)
You and me (and me)
She can't stand it (she can't stand it, i know)

Repeat 1
Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Take my girl from me
You ain't gon' take my girl from me
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