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I'm Not Complete by Dave Hollister
Mmm hmm, ooh yeah
Ooh yeah, lady lady lady
Ohh ooh, can i talk to you?
Talk to you, listen to me
Whoa oh, oh oh oh oh, oh
I just gotta, gotta let you know
Can i tell you somethin'?
Baby baby, listen to me
Mmm, ohh

One time was enough for me
To realize what you mean to me
You stood by my side
When i was down
Didn't have a thing
You still came to see about me
I had many dreams
You encouraged me
You told me to keep pressin' on
Through it all
Without you, i wouldn't be
That's why i see, yeah

1 -	where would i go?
What would i do?
Do without you?
I'm not complete
Unless you're with me

Repeat 1

Can't breathe without you
Don't wanna be without you
I don't wanna live without you

Now we're driving
Facy cars
Wearin' diamond things
People know who we are
I know people change
But you stayed the same
Still the same girl
From around the way

Still wash the clothes
(and you know we got it made)
Still cookin' food
(we can go to any restaurant you wanna)

Would i die for you? (yeah)
Would i cry for you? (yeah)
Live my life for you? (yeah)
That's why i sing, hey yeah

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

(there is no greater love for me)
Listen to me
You took me step by step and you nurtured me (oh)
You picked me up (oh)
And turned me around

Won't you be my love?
No other one could be
(babygirl, what you mean to me)
You're my everything
(my everything)
My hopes and dreams
(i can love you forever, eternally)
(somebody tell me)

Repeat 1 w/ ad-libs to fade
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