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Doin' Wrong by Dave Hollister
1 -	i've been talked about (doin' wrong)
I've been put out (doin' wrong)
I've been left alone
(bein' wrong, livin' wrong, doin' wrong)

2 -	i've done my time (doin' wrong)
Almost lost my wife (doin' wrong)
I've gotta change
(bein' wrong, livin' wrong, doin' wrong)

Never jumped on you (doin' wrong)
Never put you through (doin' wrong)
So what you gonna do?
(bein' wrong, livin' wrong, doin' wrong)

Check me
Mama always told me i would be just like my father
Sneak just like him, creep just like him
Cheat just like him, be just like him
I hated that i put you through
What mama always said i'd do
But i swear i've changed, i'm not the same
So why you wanna put me through, oh

Repeat 1

I may not be the perfect man
But at least i keep it real
Never once denyed or tried to hide
The way i truly feel
You walk around actin' like
Your shit don't stink at all
Now your cover's blow
Don't lie because
I'll tell you what i saw

(roomin' at the ? with someone else)
See, i saw you
Cuz i was roomin' there myself, oh oh

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

Ohh, eh

(roomin' at the ? with someone else)
With my own two eyes, i saw you there
You know why
(saw you, cuz i was roomin' there myself)
I wasn't supposed to be there
For some reason, i been, i been

Doin' wrong (good god almighty, i been)
Doin' wrong (whoa oh, oh)
Doin' wrong (everybody sing with me)
Doin' wrong (oh, doin')

Doin' wrong (good god almighty, i been)
Doin' wrong (you been doin' wrong too)
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