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Is You Feelin' Me by 3LW
Boy you know, you got me really feelin' you
I don't know what you're doing to me
But keep it up, keep it up what you're doing to me


I see him almost everyday
I wonder if he has a girl but it really don't matter to me
Cuz I've been waitin' all this time,
waitin' for the day when I can finally make him mine

He's mine, he's mine, all mine, so fine, in due time
I'll be rollin' with him ridin' shotgun,
listenin' to him tell me baby you're the one


Tell me is you feelin' me, I like what you do,
hope you can feel me like I'm feeling you
Boy you know you really got me going crazy,
forget about them other girls, come & get with me


Now baby tell me what's the deal,
put the games aside, I'm just tryin' to keep it real
Ready to put in work, on a relationship,
tryin' to end this love search

You're the one for me, can't you see baby,
I ain't tryin' to swing a little episode (no)
I'm so into you body mind and soul



All the guys I could have but I'm checkin' for you, so don't let me slip away
You ain't had good love, til you had some of my love
So I'm hopin' that you feel me, like I'm feelin' you

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