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ABC-123 by LeVert
See there comes a time in every man's life
When he 's got to fall in love
I found that one in you

Woke up this morning
to breakfast in bed 
The coffee was hot
and the eggs I got
was right
so right
girl I got to tell ya
ya just to good for me
oh the things that ya do
makes it easy loving you
and even a blind man can see
Oh, every night
i get down on my knees
and give thanks for you 
and the things that you do
see only fool 
wouldn't let someone see

loving you
is so easy for me to do
girl its like A-B-C
and 1-2-3's 
girl I'm loving you girl just keep loving me
(chorus x2)

Driving in my car
I see something that would look good on you
I can't ignore it
but hell I can't afford it
whats a simple man like me suppose to do
if you should ever leave me
I'd go out of my mind
cause I want you
and i need you
don't want to be wasting your time
oh, everynight
I get down on my knees
and giv thanks for you(you)
and the things that you do(do)
Only a fool wouldn't let some one see.


I feel some loving coming on
I feel it deep in my bones
I want to shout it out 
from the mountain top
girli gotta let you know girl gotta let nkow
that I won't let go

I love you I love you
I want to give you my love
want to give you my time
I want to make you mine

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