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Smokeless Zone by XTC
I'm living in my smokeless zone 
My house is not a happy home 
I got to do something 'for I kick the bucket 
I'm living in this smokeless zone 
I clean my dusty window sills 
Everything I grow it kills 
I don't want to stay in this street any longer 
living in this smokeless zone 
Englands green, once so pleasant land 
living on a time bomb yeah 
The whole damn place is going to turn to sand 
Bah bah 
I cough upon my wheezy chest 
my penicillin does its best 
There's only one cure for an unhealthy body 
get out of this smokeless zone
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Video The Jets - Smokeless Zone (pre-MAN) 1966

The Jets - Smokeless Zone (pre-MAN) 1966

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