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I Care 4 U by Aaliyah
Verse 1:

Hey my baby,
Why you lookin' so down,
Seems like you need lovin',
Baby you need a girl like me,

Hey my baby,
Tell me why you cry,
Here take my hand and,
Wipe those tears from your eyes

Chorus Twice

Can I talk to you?
Comfort you?
Let you know
I care for you

Verse 2:

Hey... sexy baby,
Why'd ya girl leave you in pain,
To let a fine man like you go,
She must be insane,

Hey sexy baby,
There's no need to worry,no
Oh boy if you call on me,
I'll come, I'll come in a hurry

Chorus Twice

Bridge Twice

Hold on, hold on
Stay strong, stay strong
Press on, press on
I care for you

Chorus Once

Can I talk to you
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