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Forever 17 by ZOEgirl
Never thought it would be me,
Living in a shattered dream.
How could this be,
The end for me?
What I wouldn't give to have
A life to live, a day to plan.
Instead I'll be Forever 17
Could've lived out every dream.
I could've been most anything.

Can someone wake me up?
I haven't lived yet.
I'm only 17.
God, did you forget
I'm just a baby?
And I don't wanna be,
Forever 17.

I'll never have a bed to make,
A test to take,
A summer day.
I'll always be,
Forever 17.
I could've had a family,
If things had worked out differently.
Instead I'll be,
Forever 17.
Could I have just one more day
A chance to learn from my mistakes?

(Repeat chorus)

In a matter of a moment,
Life fell before my eyes.
Now I'm looking at the meaning of the miracle of life.
Where are we going without even know,
The answer deep inside.

Forever 17

So don't give up.
You haven't live yet.
You're only 17.
And God did not forget.
You're just a baby
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