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Jesus, He Loves Me by Edwin McCain
Edwin McCain---Jesus, He Loves Me 

I've been through the valley 
But I've feared no man 
Saw the beach and the footprints 
Alone in the sand 
And times seemed hopeless 
The night too dark to see 
The lone footprints on the road behind 
Were the times when You carried me 

Jesus, He loves me 
This I know 
Jesus, He loves me 
For the Bible tells me so 

Son of God, our Savior and King 
You're taking away 
The sins of the world 
So I'll raise my voice and sing 

I've held the hand of the devil 
At the crossroads of my faith 
My Lord came and rescued me 
By His saving grace 

And Jesus, He loves me 
And this I know 
Oh Jesus, He loves me 
And you know, He saved my soul 
He saved my soul
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