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Swimmin' In The Sea by Gaelic Storm
When I was five
We'd get up at four
And drive on down to the Cornwall shore
Our holidays had come at last
They came real slow and went by fast
Just one week, that's all we had
Then back to work went mom and dad
Happy to be swimmin' in the sea

The seagulls yell
You're getting near
We'd waited patiently all year
And we hadn't slept a wink all night
White faces in the morning light
I see the sea my sister cried
The seaside we'd soon be beside
Happy to be swimmin' in the sea

Down to the sand
With our bucket and our spade
Behind our yellow wind barricade
We'd bury dad up to his chin
On with our trunks we'd jump right in
'Round our waist a rubber ring
And on each arm a water wing
Happy to be swimmin' in the sea

It's so cold
And rainin' too
We'd stay all day
Till our lips turned blue
Only a week
It wasn't fair
We're on holiday, holiday, holiday
And we don't care!

In every pool
Stranded by the tide
Clams and fishes under seaweed hide
We'd catch them all in a fishing net
As close to heaven as a kid could get
We'd dream of smugglers and pirate ships
Lunch was ice cream and a bag of chips
Happy to be swimmin' in the sea

Now to kid of five
That rocky shore
Was a magical place full of tales and lore
Now the seagulls call once more to me
Hey come on back to the Cornish Sea
Now by the water by the foam
Just one more week and I'm going home
Happy to be swimmin' in the sea 
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