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Time Will Tell by Koko Taylor
"Cigarette ashes
His empty glass
They seem to tell me...
His parting kiss, oh
Brought tears to my eyes
Was it goodnight?
I wanna know now, or was it goodbye?
And only time
Only time, time will tell
Wrinkled up sofa
Scuff marks on the floor
Shows where he was sitting
Oh where he was sitting a moment ago
He's never left this early before
Is this a sign? Oh I wanna know if he'll be back for more
Only time will tell, oh...
I felt a change the moment you came walking,
Oh coming through my front door
This conversation was almost the same
Still I could tell that something was wrong, his feelings were changed
Now empty those ash trays
His glass put away, straighten my sofa... But will I ever, will ever erase from my mind the way you looked when you kissed me goodnight.
Only time will tell."
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